Surreal Galactic Photography  by Silvia Grav


Photographer Silvia Grav achieves a brilliant, dreamlike aesthetic by appropriating techniques that include superimposition, multiple exposure and solarization. The outcome is a captivatingly dark, surreal exploration and study of subjective interposition. Questions are tacitly posed through her images: How does one interpret? What are the affects of dreams on the unconscious and conscious alike? How does time and thought affect memory? As a result, her photographs tend to function like condensed narrations suspended between empiricism and mental projection. 

Amazingly beautiful..



Casual conversation with a mother looking for a card for her daughter turning eighteen. I handed her a card that I loved. Witnessed her read it and she began to mist at the thought of her daughter going on into the great wide world and I realized my own eyes welled up - which took me by surprise….

Golden words.